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Latest Headlines

Anthem faces lawsuits over data breach

Anthem is in the spotlight once again: This time, for fallout relating to its historic data breach. Twenty-six individuals have hit the Indianapolis-based health insurer with lawsuits that claim they were victims of fraud due to the breach.

Identity theft demonstrates unique danger to healthcare professionals

In addition to the damage identity theft does to its targets, the case of a Massachusetts plastic surgeon demonstrates how it can hurt those around them, the Boston Globe reports.

4 lesser known problems with EHRs

Although the healthcare industry continues to transition from paper to electronic health records, many patients and even some providers remain unaware of their imperfections.

Healthcare privacy thieves deserve no mercy

I read with dismay yet another instance of a security breach of a provider's electronic health record system at the hands of healthcare staff who intentionally accessed patient data for...

Health Net loses data on 2M policyholders

Health Net (NYSE: HNT) is under investigation after it lost nine computer drives containing Social Security numbers and other personal information on almost 2 million current or former members.

Mammoth Medicare fraud bust targets organized crime group

In what has been deemed the "largest Medicare fraud scheme ever perpetrated by a single criminal enterprise," 73 people--including members of an Armenian-American organized crime syndicate--were

Stolen Hopkins patient info used in $600K credit card fraud

Don't assume that your facility is immune to an inside job. A Johns Hopkins Hospital employee stole the names, social security numbers, birth dates, and addresses from patients and gave them to

Privacy concerns hold back wider EHR adoption

This could be considered progress: Researchers at North Carolina State University say that it's not cost or stubbornness that is holding back wider EHR uptake, but rather concerns about privacy from

Hospital loses data files for 800,000 patients

A third-party firm contracted out by a Massachusetts hospital to destroy sensitive computer files cannot confirm that it wiped them clean, leaving hundreds of thousands of patients at risk of

SPOTLIGHT: Harris/Xerox survey finds consumers support EMRs, fear data theft

Patients seem ready to accept EMRs even if their physicians and other health providers aren't, according to a new Harris Interactive survey conducted on behalf of Xerox. Nearly half of the 2,180 U.S.