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Latest Headlines

Cigna violates ACA, discriminates against members with HIV/AIDS, suit says

Cigna has been violating the Affordable Care Act and discriminating against its members with HIV/AIDS by requiring those individuals to get medications from its mail-order pharmacy, according to a class action lawsuit filed by Consumer Watchdog.

Whistleblower lawsuit accuses AIDS Healthcare Foundation of $20 million kickback scheme

Three former managers of the AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) have filed a lawsuit against the nation's largest provider of medical care for HIV and AIDs, alleging violations of the False Claims Act and the Anti-Kickback Statute.

Insurers incur higher drug costs to cover exchange members

Consumers who purchased public health insurance exchange plans used more medications, especially for treating hepatitis C and HIV, than individuals enrolled in commercial plans, according to a new report from pharmacy benefits manager Prime Therapeutics.

Plans place drugs to treat HIV, MS on highest cost-sharing tier

When it comes to specialty drugs--namely, prescriptions to treat diseases such as HIV, cancer and multiple sclerosis--certain exchange plans place these costly drugs on the highest drug tier,  according to a new analysis from Avalere Health.

Payers respond to discrimination complaint involving HIV/AIDS patients

Cigna Corp. will redesign the HIV prescription drug benefits on its exchange plans sold in Florida next year in response to a complaint accusing the company--and three others--of discriminating against customers with HIV and AIDS, The   Wall Street Journal  reported.

OIG study, Columbia settlement expose losses linked to HIV, AIDS

Medicare Part D overpaid for HIV drugs claimed on behalf of 158 deceased beneficiaries in 2012, an Office of Inspector General study found. And in another HIV and AIDS-related development, the government settled a lawsuit against Columbia University and an affiliate alleging that Columbia submitted false claims linked to federal grants obtained to fund AIDS and HIV-related work,the Department of Justice announced.

Specialty drugs 59% more common in exchange plans, study finds

Consumers who enrolled in plans sold on the health insurance exchanges are 59 percent more likely to use pricey specialty drugs, particularly medications that treat HIV and hepatitis C, than people with employer-based coverage, according to a new study from Express Scripts.