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Latest Headlines

CMS: 10.2M people paid Affordable Care Act plan premiums

More than 10 million people have signed up and paid their premiums to start their coverage of plans purchased on the federal health insurance exchange, according to data released Tuesday from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. But that data also showed that more than 6 million are at risk of losing their subsidies depending on how the U.S. Supreme Court rules later this month in King v. Burwell.

State officials held secret meeting to discuss King v. Burwell options

State officials held a secret 24-hour meeting in Chicago in early May to discuss their options should the Supreme Court decide federal subsidies only are allowed in states that established their own health insurance exchanges.

ACA news roundup: Old lawsuits, new controversies

All eyes are on the Affordable Care Act as the healthcare reform law's fate continues to spark debates and lawsuits.  FierceHealthPayer   rounded up the top ACA stories from this week to discuss the legal issues, the controversies and the what-ifs.

Four words at heart of King v. Burwell a drafting error

The four words that prompted the Supreme Court to hear   King v. Burwell  may have made it into the final text of the law because of a drafting error.

Latest GOP alternative to ACA caps federal subsidies, overhauls Medicaid

It appears Republicans have a backup plan should the  Supreme Court strike down federal subsidies in states that did not establish their own health insurance exchange: A proposal that would cap subsidies at 300 percent of the federal poverty level, limit tax exclusions on employer-sponsored health plans and use state grants in lieu of Medicaid expansion.

Not expanding Medicaid, losing federal subsidies would hurt states

An estimated 9.8 million Americans may be uninsured come 2016 should states continue to forgo Medicaid expansion and should the Supreme Court side with the plaintiffs in  King v. Burwell  and determine federal subsidies are illegal in states not operating their own health insurance exchanges, according to a new issue brief from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.  

Healthcare.gov CEO talks challenges to running insurance exchanges

Healthcare.gov CEO Kevin Counihan has some words of caution for state governments that may be tempted to build their own insurance exchanges.

With looming financial problems, state-run exchanges get creative

Struggling state-run health insurance marketplaces are getting creative when it comes to financing their operations. Some state officials are toying with raising fees on insurers, possibly sharing costs with other states or turning their whole system over to Healthcare.gov,  reported the  Washington Post.

No shortage of GOP alternatives to ACA, but no consensus either

Republicans agree that they want to repeal the Affordable Care Act, but  their plan of attack once the  Supreme Court issues its  King v. Burwell  ruling in June regarding the legality of federal subsidies remains up in the air.

Republicans may want Americans to keep federal subsidies until 2017

Congressional Republicans are mulling whether to allow individuals to keep their Affordable Care Act federal subsidies until 2017.