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Latest Headlines

Customer engagement strategies for pioneering payers

Customers are now more educated, more particular and less loyal than ever before when it comes to their health insurance choices, leaving payers little choice but to adapt their customer-engagement strategies to this new reality, according to a new report from IDC Health Insights.

Struggling CO-OPs enter a pivotal year amid signs of potential growth

Although nearly half of Affordable Care Act consumer operated and oriented plans shut down, and many reported multi-million losses last year, officials say 2016 could be a rebound year for the frequently maligned plans, according to the  Associated Press.

6 million Americans qualify for Medicaid but don't sign up

As many as six million Americans are eligible to get nearly free healthcare through Medicaid but don't sign up, according to an article from the  Wall Street Journal.

BCBS of North Carolina works to resolve enrollment errors

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina has refunded nearly $2 million to more than 4,600 over-billed customers as well as restored coverage for thousands who were dropped from its rolls in the wake of an IT system failure, the  Charlotte Observer  reports.

UnitedHealth seeks to attract seniors with 'Medicare stores'

As the popularity of private-option Medicare plans continues to grow, at least one major insurer has responded by taking an usual step to increase customer engagement--opening more brick-and-mortar stores where seniors can shop for coverage.

Little change in Medicare Advantage premiums as enrollment keeps climbing

Medicare Advantage premiums for next year are set to remain stable, while enrollment is projected to increase to an all-time high.

Oscar Health has the funding, but now needs customers

Despite the fact that it is  worth $1.5 billion, New York-based startup Oscar Insurance Corp. is going through some growing pains.

VA scandal: Staff increases, hour extensions have mixed success for wait times

Reforms within the embattled Department of Veterans Affairs continue to yield mixed results, with some VA facilities reporting increased wait times while others have successfully reduced them.

In modern versions of Medicare and Medicaid, private insurers play major role

Private health insurance companies are playing a bigger role than previously anticipated when it comes to covering Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries.

Post-King v. Burwell focus shifts to Medicaid expansion, enrollment push

A "cooling-off period" for the Affordable Care Act--as Drew Altman, president and CEO of the Kaiser Family Foundation refers to it in his blog post for the  Wall Street Journal--could cause focus to shift to other matters throughout the healthcare industry.