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Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Anthem, UnitedHealth experiment with value-based oncology payment models

More insurers are collaborating with providers in an effort to overhaul the entire oncology reimbursement system, making it more value-based, patient-centered to help reduce the need for expensive yet ineffective chemo drugs, reported AIS Health.

Oncologists can't afford to stay independent

While the healthcare-conso lidation  trend has accelerated across specialties since the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, oncologists in private practice face particularly intense pressure to sell or become otherwise affiliated with hospitals, according to an art icle  from the  New York Times.

Benefits plans excluding more drugs as costs rise

Express Scripts, CVS Health and Medicaid rank among the prescription benefit managers banning specialty drugs from health plan coverage in an effort to keep costs down,  Bloomberg  reported.  

60 Minutes spotlights rising drug costs

Insurers might want to say a big thank you to "60 Minutes" for airing a show Sunday night about the extremely high cost of cancer drugs. Many drugs used to treat cancers cost more than $100,000 a year, a large portion of which is often absorbed by insurers.