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Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Provider networks exclude some top cancer centers

Provider networks on insurance exchanges exclude some of the nation's best cancer hospitals, which concerns some state insurance regulators and patient advocates.

Philips partnership aims to improve IT in cancer care

Royal Philips Electronics, better known in the U.S. as Philips, is partnering with Integrated Oncology Network (ION), a practice management and consulting firm that has helped develop and operate

Electronic reminders raise cancer screening rates short-term

After slamming a couple of recent studies on attempts to engage patients in their own care through passive monitoring generously called "telemedicine," we find a study that deserves some credit at

Redefine payer-provider relationships to reduce cancer costs

There is no denying it--cancer is expensive. Although less than 1 percent of the commercially-insured population has cancer, they account for more than 10 percent of all healthcare costs. The average

GA cancer group shares data with community centers

A Georgia-based cancer group has plans to use a statewide healthcare information exchange to share evidence-based medicine with community-based cancer centers. The HIE will serve as an intermediary