Leading Information Security Experts to Tackle Threats and Vulnerabilities to Data Security in the US Healthcare Industry in Orlando on July 15-16


ORLANDO, Florida, April 29, 2015 /PRNewswire/ --

Leading CISOs and information security specialists from North America's leading healthcare organizations, including Harris Health System, Barnabas Health, Adventist Health, NYU Langone Medical Center, Aurora Health Care and many more will converge to Orlando on July 15-16 for the Cyber & Information Security For US Healthcare forum to discuss innovative ways to prevent breaches of this high-value and complex industry.

Recent data security breaches within large US healthcare networks have made headline news, especially as one of the largest insurance providers in the US saw 80 millions of its records compromised in one single attack.

These vulnerabilities have consequently put the spotlight not only on the ability of hackers to identify the value of healthcare data and their resourcefulness to breach systems in an almost undetectable way but also the sheer value of what is at stake for healthcare system providers in the US. Beyond patient safety and patient trust, healthcare organizations are indeed increasingly exposed to losses related to legal matters and penalties associated with non-compliance to the regulatory acts (reaching up to $1.5million).

As healthcare data security attacks become more frequent and more pervasive, representing up to 42% of all major data breaches reported in 2014, healthcare systems are increasingly pressured to dramatically strengthen their security strategies so as to thwart attacks and minimize risk exposure.

In response to the current challenges faced by this complex industry, the Cyber & Information Security For US Healthcare has been specifically designed as a peer-to-peer knowledge-sharing platform for CISOs and Information Security Experts from top US healthcare organizations.

Immediate solutions and insights into essential leading-edge technologies and practices related to top breaches prevention, network security during medical and mobile device integration, regulation compliance, database protection and cloud and payment security will be delivered through a series of real-life case studies.

For the past 4 years, American and Canadian Business Conferences have hosted pioneering summits across a wide variety of industries, providing unique platforms that stimulate knowledge and idea exchange that result into leading-edge initiatives and forward-looking strategies.

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