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Recognizing the shape of fraud: Using machine intelligence for FWA

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Fraud, waste and abuse represent the most complex data challenge for healthcare insurance companies. To keep up with the ever-changing fraud landscape, new approaches are required to supplement your existing efforts.

This webinar will discuss payer challenges and how new detection techniques using machine intelligence software can:

  • Identify new characteristics of fraud to adapt with evolving trends
  • Prioritize leads to optimize the efforts of SIU teams
  • Improve detection models by identifying false positives and false negatives, and allow pre-payment flagging with increased confidence
  • Detect potential signals of network collusion across many entities

Join our healthcare experts and data scientists for a demo on how Ayasdi uses shape to uncover new patterns and relationships in your data that may have been overlooked.




Patrick Rogers — Chief Marketing Officer, Ayasdi

Patrick Rogers leads the marketing function at Ayasdi. He spearheads the effort to drive awareness and adoption of Ayasdi's revolutionary approach to data analysis and insight discovery. His expertise lies in translating compelling, new technology into real-world business solutions, and scaling growth of new use cases that provide outstanding benefits to customers and their clients.


Johan Grahnen — Senior Data Scientist - Healthcare lead, Ayasdi

Johan Grahnen, PhD, is a Senior Data Scientist with Ayasdi and works extensively on healthcare related data problems. Johan received his undergraduate and Masters degrees in Biotechnology and Engineering Genomics from the Umea University in Stockholm and his PhD in Molecular and Cellular Life Sciences from the University of Wyoming. He worked as a Postdoctoral Fellow at Georgia Tech with an emphasis on drug design and biological network dynamics prior to joining Ayasdi.

During his time at Georgia Tech, Johan invented and implemented novel algorithms in network research. He has presented the results of his work to international audiences and has published extensively.

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