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Latest Headlines

Supreme Court hears King v. Burwell arguments

The Supreme Court of the United States heard oral arguments today in the  King v. Burwell  case, which questions the legality of tax subsidies for health insurance purchased on Healthcare.gov.  FierceHealthPayer  attended the proceedings in person.

ACA subsidies 'essential' to individual market, studies show

If the U.S. Supreme Court determines federal subsidies are illegal when it rules in the King v. Burwell case, it would dramatically increase costs and lower enrollment in the individual market, according to two separate studies.

Courts, not Congress, will decide if ACA gets dismantled

As Republican lawmakers continue their attacks on the Affordable Care Act, much of their hopes are being placed in the courts.

If Supreme Court strikes down ACA subsidies, states could step in

If the U.S. Supreme Court rules next year that the Affordable Care Act subsidies aren't legal, it could make health insurance unaffordable for millions of consumers. But could states save the healthcare reform law?

U.S. Supreme Court will hear King v. Burwell

The U.S. Supreme Court has agreed to hear a challenge against the legality of the Affordable Care Act's subsidies, which could dramatically impact the future of the ACA and insurers' business.

Insurers can cancel exchange plans if subsidies ruled illegal

Insurers that sell plans on the federal health insurance exchange can cancel the policies if the Affordable Care Act subsidies are ruled illegal.  The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services added the opt-out clause to 2015 contracts that insurers must sign to sell on HealthCare.gov