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Latest Headlines

Obama: 'The Affordable Care Act doesn't need fixing'

President Barack Obama  told reporters Monday morning at the G-7 summit in Germany that the Supreme Court never should have heard the  King v. Burwell  case regarding the legality of federal subsidies.

States consider combining exchanges amid growing financial concerns

A multi-state health insurance exchange may be the wave of the future as the debacle continues regarding  how states will fund their health insurance exchanges once federal funding stops next year.

Not expanding Medicaid, losing federal subsidies would hurt states

An estimated 9.8 million Americans may be uninsured come 2016 should states continue to forgo Medicaid expansion and should the Supreme Court side with the plaintiffs in  King v. Burwell  and determine federal subsidies are illegal in states not operating their own health insurance exchanges, according to a new issue brief from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.  

Healthcare.gov CEO talks challenges to running insurance exchanges

Healthcare.gov CEO Kevin Counihan has some words of caution for state governments that may be tempted to build their own insurance exchanges.

With looming financial problems, state-run exchanges get creative

Struggling state-run health insurance marketplaces are getting creative when it comes to financing their operations. Some state officials are toying with raising fees on insurers, possibly sharing costs with other states or turning their whole system over to Healthcare.gov,  reported the  Washington Post.

States never thought insurance subsidies depended on building an exchange

The  oral arguments in  King v. Burwell  brought up the case of federalism--specifically, whether states were unconstitutionally coerced into establishing their own health insurance exchanges. But what if states really did not know the consequences of not setting up their own exchanges?

State exchanges learn how to get down to business

Now that two open enrollment periods have come and gone, states and insurers have their sights set on the future. But before they can discuss 'nice-to-haves,' exchanges need to get their business models down in order to become sustainable.

Agents, brokers remain busy on state-run exchanges

Automating the buying process and cutting the workload of agents and brokers on state health insurance exchanges was meant to keep costs in check, but that has not turned out to not be the case.

Beyond King v. Burwell: Payers brace for 'death spiral'

The oral arguments on  King v. Burwell  have come and gone, leaving the industry--and the rest of the country--to wonder what the Supreme Court will decide come June. Much  was discussed during the 84-minute argument, which  FierceHealthPayer  attended. We've rounded up key takeaways and industry reactions to sum up the session.

King v. Burwell Supreme Court case: What you need to know [Special Report]

By Dori Zweig The Supreme Court is finally set to hear oral arguments in the King v. Burwell case. The case, over a year in the making, concerns the legality of federal subsidies in the Affordable...