Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA)

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Latest Headlines

Narrow networks remain controversial despite promise of cost control

To compete on premium price in a post healthcare-reform market, insurers need to reduce the amount they pay providers for services delivered to members, according to a Health Affairs blog post. Payers have been turning to controversial narrow provider networks to do this--using the most cost-efficient providers or offering provider rebates linked to the medical-loss ratio.

Noncompliant plans to have limited impact on reform marketplaces

Though proposed fixes for the problem of insurance plan cancellations will have slight to moderate effects on premiums, enrollment and federal spending, they won't lead to a "death spiral or implosion" of the Affordable Care Act marketplaces, according to results of a RAND Corporation study released Tuesday.

Skimpy plans thrive due to ACA 'quirk'

Cheap health insurance plans providing minimal coverage are staying alive in the market thanks to an Affordable Care Act loophole that lets employers offer meager coverage as long as they offer one plan complying with ACA requirements, the Wall Street Journal reported.

Answers to 3 questions can shape healthcare reform success

The healthcare reform law aims to provide access to healthcare to more people. Whether it can achieve that goal still remains to be seen, but the answers to some key questions raised in The Atlantic could determine whether reform will succeed or fail.

ACA, Obama fall from grace with Hispanics

Support of the Affordable Care Act among Hispanics, a group crucial to its success, is waning--in part because of the unfinished Spanish language insurance exchange website, cuidadodesalud.gov.

Americans blame reform for adverse trends

Many Americans surveyed fault the Affordable Care Act--as opposed to employers or the economy--for leaner but more costly health insurance and stagnant or worsened quality of care, according to recent polls released by the Associated Press in collaboration with research company GfK and the Healthcare Georgia Foundation.

Plan cancellations: 'Lie of the year' is a PR cash cow

PolitiFact has named President Barack Obama's promise that Americans who liked their insurance could keep as the "lie of the year" for 2013.

ACA coverage may be inadequate for chronically ill

Most Americans insured through exchanges who reach out-of-pocket maximums will be underinsured, despite Affordable Care Act subsidies and lower out-of-pocket caps, according to an analysis by Avalere Health.

Healthcare reform's hidden marriage penalty

Does the healthcare reform law contain a hidden marriage penalty? Some married couples think so, reported Kaiser Health News.

Plan cancellations to hurt few Americans

In the midst of controversy about canceled plans and their reinstatement comes a new report by the consumer organization Families USA: Only 0.6 percent of Americans under 65 may lose their insurance and not qualify for financial aid to replace it with Affordable Care Act-compliant coverage.