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Latest Headlines

Housing for homeless patients could cut inappropriate ER use, readmissions

Hospitals should prioritize housing for homeless patients to prevent inappropriate emergency care and unnecessary readmissions, according to a  Health Affairs  blog post.

Former senior New York fraud investigator allegedly took gifts from a state contractor

A former senior official with the Office of Medicaid Inspector General is accused of accepting gifts in the form of meals, travel, and a job offer from Health Management Systems, which had a $120 million contract with the state.

Doc participation in Meaningful Use dynamic, variable

The number of New York physicians who joined the Meaningful Use program grew significantly in its first two years, but was "dynamic" and may contribute to a "digital divide," according to a new study published in the June issue of  Health Affairs.

New York Medicaid tests pay-for-performance method that pairs competing providers

New York state Medicaid officials are investing more than $1 billion in an innovative five-year program that aims to transform how providers coordinate to take a more active role in caring for members' health while also compelling patients to improve their health.

New York grants one-year reprieve on e-prescribing requirement

New York governor Andrew Cuomo has signed legislation delaying mandatory use of electronic prescribing for one year, according to an announcement from the New York State Medical Society.

Single-payer option dead in Vermont, still alive in other states

Although the single payer model failed to progress in Vermont, it doesn't mean that single payer is gone for good. Other states are still considering single-payer options--and they can learn from Vermont's experience to help their models succeed.

Hospitals consider paying premiums for some low-income patients

Hospitals in New York, Wisconsin and Florida may help some patients pay their premiums for health insurance coverage as a way to ensure they receive payment for care they rendered, Kaiser Health News reported.

Are NYC hospitals getting more than their share of Medicaid funds?

Downstate New York hospitals will receive the majority of $8 billion in extra Medicaid funding approved to help the state reduce preventable admissions, a trade group leader told Albany Business Review.

NY awards hospitals $4.5M to continue services

New York officials have awarded nearly $500 million to 22 hospitals and five large public hospital systems to help them continue key services, The Modesto Bee reports.

NY hospitals don't know how to use funds for Medicaid patient admissions

New York hospitals will receive millions of dollars in funding to cut down on avoidable Medicaid patient admissions. The only problem: executives at many organizations have no idea what to do with the money, according to a survey released Monday by KPMG.