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Latest Headlines

CMS plans network-breadth rating system for Healthcare.gov plans

Though the federal government has stepped back from its proposal to implement additional network adequacy regulations for Affordable Care Act plans, it will move forward with its initiative to provide Healthcare.gov shoppers with information about health plans' network breadth.  

CMS says it will defer to states for network adequacy standards

Following criticism from the health insurance industry, the federal government has backed off portions of its proposed rule that would more strictly regulate health plans' network adequacy at the federal level.  

For better network adequacy measures, turn to social network analysis

As policymakers create and update rules for health plan network adequacy, they would be wise to look to the tools of social network analysis to guide their efforts, experts write in a post for the  Health Affairs  blog.  

Most Americans happy with their health plan, poll finds

Though concerns over narrow networks and rising premiums continue to gain attention, a new poll from the Kaiser Family Foundation reveals that many Americans actually are satisfied with their insurance plan.  

Insurance commissioners propose more narrow-network controls

In response to concerns about the rise of narrow-network health plans, the National Association of Insurance Commissioners has proposed new regulations to ensure that the trend doesn't harm consumers' access to affordable, quality care.  

GAO criticizes oversight of Medicare Advantage network adequacy

The rules governing Medicare Advantage Organization networks lack certain elements to ensure that beneficiaries are able to acccess care in a timely manner,  according to a new  report.  

What to expect from the Medicaid managed care proposal

The federal government will soon propose new regulations to  Medicaid managed care rules for the first time since 2002. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services--which has been working on updating the regulations for more than a year--plans to address beneficiary information, provider network requirements and how plans spend money they receive from the program.