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Latest Headlines

How health plans can use technology to improve consumer engagement

As the health insurance market continues its shift to  consumer-driven health plans, payers gain an edge by implementing technology that improves consumer engagement as well as the management and delivery of benefits.

How wearables will change insurer-customer relationship

The Apple Watch will debut in April without some of its highly anticipated health functions, but the market for wearable technology nonetheless remains poised to change the way the health insurance industry operates.

HCSC behavioral health program helps reduce stress

Health Care Services Corp. piloted a Web-based behavioral health program among employees at offices in New Mexico and Texas. The program reduced stress levels while increasing participants' mindfulness.

Insurers: Create compelling strategies to motivate consumers to use wearable devices

As insurers increasingly promote wearable devices like FitBit in wellness programs and other initiatives, three University of Pennsylvania medical professors warn that they don't actually lead to behavior change--unless people who actually need the devices wear them consistently and use them correctly, according to a recent editorial published in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

Payers made progress in mobile health apps in 2014

Amid some ups and downs, payers were busy throughout 2014 exploring mobile applications that keep their members healthy while controlling rising healthcare costs

Top healthcare payer headlines of 2014

In this special report,  FierceHealthPayer  examines why each topic made headlines in 2014 and will continue to matter to payers in 2015 and beyond.

Aetna talks about closing CarePass, future mHealth plans

When Aetna announced it was shuttering its CarePass mobile platform by the end of the year, industry experts have been left wondering what caused the demise of CarePass and whether other insurers' mobile engagement initiatives could suffer a similar fate. To gain exclusive insight into Aetna's decision to close its CarePass mobile platform and learn where the company plans to take its mobile health strategy in the future, FierceHealthPayer spoke with Michael Palmer, Aetna's chief innovation & digital officer.

Why did Aetna pull the brakes on its CarePass mobile platform?

Since Aetna announced the closing of its CarePass mobile platform last month, industry experts have been trying to understand the cause of the breakdown, and whether the CarePass situation bodes badly for other insurer-led mobile engagement initiatives,  MobiHealthNews  reported.

Go mobile to grab young adults' attention

All the kids are doing it these days, and WellPoint CEO Joseph Swedish knows it. What am I talking about? The constant use of smartphones. To capture young consumers' attention, Swedish is...

4 ways insurers can implement mobile performance metrics

Mobile app performance in the health insurance industry continues to gain importance and popularity. And  as insurers embrace mobile strategies, it's imperative to measure their performance against cost and success at achieving business goals,  FierceMobileHealthcare  previously reported.  Listed below are a few ways to implement and operate mobile performance metrics,  according to  Insurance & Technology.