King V Burwell

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Latest Headlines

How post-King v. Burwell merger mania will affect hospitals

Hospitals are ideally positioned to withstand consolidation in the health insurance industry, according to a report from Fitch Ratings.

Republicans vow to keep fighting healthcare reform despite King v. Burwell decision

Immediately following  the Obama administration's win in a 6-3 ruling on  King v. Burwell, Republican opponents of the Affordable Care Act voiced their outrage.

Healthcare stocks surge after King v. Burwell decision

Yesterday's Supreme Court ruling upholding Affordable Care Act subsidies in  King v. Burwell  is already having a positive impact on healthcare stocks in the hospital and insurance sectors, according to the Associated Press.

Uninsured rate drops to 11.5 percent

With millions of Americans' health insurance in jeopardy as the Supreme Court weighs a case against a key provision of the Affordable Care Act, a newly released government survey indicates that the rate of uninsured Americans has dropped to just 11.5 percent.

How hospitals can financially prepare for an adverse decision in King v. Burwell

The U.S. Supreme Court has the healthcare sector on pins and needles regarding its decision in the King v. Burwell case, which could strip tax credit subsidies from millions of Americans. As a result, the Healthcare Financial Management Association has offered advice to hospitals on how to handle an adverse decision.

Adverse ruling on subsidies could hammer insurance stocks

The Affordable Care Act has been particularly kind to the stocks of health insurers, some of which are up 45 percent to 68 percent over the past year. But that could change if the U.S. Supreme Court issues an adverse ruling later this month in the King v. Burwell case.

King ruling could stop big 5 insurers' stocks in their tracks

If the U.S. Supreme Court rules against subsidies in the King v. Burwell case, the five biggest five insurers in the nation could see their stock prices, which have been steadily rising, take a nosedive.

King v. Burwell: What you need to know leading up to the Supreme Court decision

Sometime this month--perhaps even days from now--the Supreme Court will release its long-awaited ruling on the  King v. Burwell  case. Here's a brief refresher on what you need to know about the case and its potential impact throughout the industry. 

ACA news roundup: Old lawsuits, new controversies

All eyes are on the Affordable Care Act as the healthcare reform law's fate continues to spark debates and lawsuits.  FierceHealthPayer   rounded up the top ACA stories from this week to discuss the legal issues, the controversies and the what-ifs.

Four words at heart of King v. Burwell a drafting error

The four words that prompted the Supreme Court to hear   King v. Burwell  may have made it into the final text of the law because of a drafting error.