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Latest Headlines

Cigna violates ACA, discriminates against members with HIV/AIDS, suit says

Cigna has been violating the Affordable Care Act and discriminating against its members with HIV/AIDS by requiring those individuals to get medications from its mail-order pharmacy, according to a class action lawsuit filed by Consumer Watchdog.

Specialty drugs 59% more common in exchange plans, study finds

Consumers who enrolled in plans sold on the health insurance exchanges are 59 percent more likely to use pricey specialty drugs, particularly medications that treat HIV and hepatitis C, than people with employer-based coverage, according to a new study from Express Scripts.

Pre-existing condition bans still on the way out

As of Jan. 1 2014, the Affordable Care Act prohibits insurers from charging more or denying coverage to anyone with pre-existing conditions, such as diabetes, asthma or cancer. But one  Kaiser Health News  reporter found discrepancies regarding pre-existing condition bans.

Specialty drug use high among exchange enrollees

New enrollees who purchased coverage through state and federal marketplaces are more likely to use specialty medications, such as those used to treat HIV/AIDs and hepatitis C, than people enrolled in commercial health plans, Express Scripts research finds.

UnitedHealth to lift mail-order requirement for HIV/AIDS meds

In a move that could set an industry precedent, UnitedHealthcare settled a national class-action lawsuit by agreeing to allow patients with HIV or AIDS to opt out of a requirement to obtain medications by mail order.

CMS equalizes coverage for same-sex couples, HIV/AIDS patients

The Obama administration has strengthened health insurance protections for same-sex couples and HIV/AIDS patients.

CMS might require insurers to accept third-party payments for HIV/AIDS patients

The U.S. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services is considering requiring insurers to accept third-party payments to help consumers with HIV/AIDS pay their premiums. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Louisiana says it will not change its policy and, effective March 1, will only accept individual members' premium payments from the policyholder, a blood relative or legal guardian.

mHealth apps tend to focus on deadly diseases in high-income countries

Mobile apps for those diseases and health conditions that are the deadliest in low- and middle-income countries are in shorter supply than those apps for the leading causes of death in high-income...

mHealth in the fight against HIV

Dec. 1 marked the 25th World AIDS Day, initially established in 1988 by the World Health Organization (WHO) for people globally to unite in the fight against HIV, the virus that causes AIDS. Much...

mHealth has varying impact on gender relations

Evidence regarding the effect of mHealth interventions on gender relations is weak and rigorous research is urgently needed, according to an article in the International Journal for Equity in Health....