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Latest Headlines

Insurers could face pressure to cover more genetic testing

U.S. health insurers may be looking at some difficult decisions when it comes to whether they will cover an increasing array of genetic testing, according to a  Kaiser Health News  report.

23andMe raises $115 million from new investors

Despite some stumbles in the past couple years, genetics company 23andMe is making a comeback.

Aetna, Anthem and Cigna don't cover genetic tests made popular by 'Angelina effect'

The "Angelina Effect"-- attributed to Angelina Jolie's decision to undergo genetic testing to detect hereditary breast cancer--is sweeping the nation. But some health insurance companies aren't willing to pay for the pricey procedures.

Aetna to offer personalized health program to employer groups

Aetna will now provide some of its largest employer groups with a personalized health program that uses genetic testing and behavioral science to help members address metabolic syndrome.

Priority Health to cover comprehensive genetic testing

Michigan-based Priority Health plans a bold step in cancer detection and treatment: It will cover the cost of comprehensive genomic profiling for members diagnosed with aggressive forms of cancer.

Do insurers discriminate based on genetics?

Despite multiple claims that insurers discriminate against consumers based on genetic tests, no study has ever proven that theory true, according to a New York Times opinion piece.

23andMe founder: Health industry incentivizes illness

The founder of controversial personal genomics company 23andMe admitted recently that when the U.S. Food and Drug Administration ordered her company to stop genetic testing last November, it "significantly slowed up" new customers.

Direct lab results don't diminish docs' role in care

This morning, out of simple curiosity, I logged on to my primary care office's patient portal to check the results of the routine lab work I had done a month ago. Because I use this service so...

Americans will endure insurers' tests, monitoring for lower premiums

Many Americans are willing to undergo medical tests and lifestyle monitoring by insurers in exchange for lower premiums, according to a recent Harris Interactive /HealthDay poll, even if that means releasing genetic information or letting insurers track their exercise sessions.

Is genetic testing the future of healthcare?

The chief executive of a startup genetic testing company called 23andMe says her company can revolutionize healthcare by shifting the emphasis from diagnosis to prevention. Anne Wojcicki has raised...