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Latest Headlines

Empower employees to be generous--even with themselves

Generosity plays a powerful role in employee engagement--but not merely in terms of what physician practices provide to their teams directly, according to an article from  Harvard Business Review.

5 health insurance stories that defined 2015

The year 2015 was undoubtedly one of seismic change for the health insurance industry, with no shortage of game-changing headlines and issues.  FierceHealthPayer takes a look back at a few of the biggest stories from the past year.  

Now is the time to prioritize employee well-being

Do your practice's employees have a strong sense of purpose, financial security, physical capability, social support and contentedness with their community? If they're not thriving in all of these areas, they are far from alone, according to new research from Gallup. 

Wellness programs: Skip the bad press by using a softer touch

Wellness programs seem to be drawing nearly as much flak as praise these days. A report last week from Kaiser Health News indicated that many employers are raising the bar when it comes to what they...

Doubts surround effectiveness of wellness plans aimed at weight loss

As American companies continue to expand wellness programs for their employees, one former Harvard professor says the whole concept is suspect at best, according to  BenefitsPro.

Many employees not aware of workplace wellness programs

While health plans' workplace wellness programs have gained steam in recent years, many employees are still not aware that they exist, according to a survey from the public relations and communications agency Brodeur Partners.

Primary care model brings docs, specialists to the workplace, improves patient experience

Scott Shreeve, M.D., aims to transform primary care delivery with a streamlined approach that brings healthcare to the workplace.

GOP introduces bill to protect employee wellness programs

Republican Senate and House leaders introduced a  bill  Tuesday to protect Affordable Care Act-approved employee wellness programs from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). The bill aims to "eliminate confusion" among employers who offer wellness programs to their employees.

Lessons on wellness and prevention from surviving a blizzard

This week's Editor's Corner comes to you from a very snow-covered Boston area. I bring up the storm and its aftermath not to brag--especially since readers around the Great Lakes rightfully...

Redefining wellness as well-being could help programs succeed

Amid  lawsuits challenging wellness programs that penalize non-participants and general questions about the return on investment of such programs, a movement is afoot to recast wellness as well-being.