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Latest Headlines

Payers must decide how much data to share with ACO providers

You know how when you go on a first date, you're careful not to divulge too much nitty-gritty information about yourself? Instead, most experienced daters prefer to reveal tidbits of their personal lives slowly, so as not to scare their dates off too early with tales of rough childhoods and embarrassing habits. They key to successful dates and early relationships often is a delicate give-and-take balance of sharing some information, but not too much. That's kind of how payers and providers are acting toward each other as they navigate the accountable care waters. Payers don't always want to spill all their beans, disclosing too much information too quickly, closely guarding their long-held secrets. And providers don't want to move forward with their dates if they remain tight-lipped about important information.

AHA official: ICD-10 the 'DNA' of future DRG payments

You may be neck-deep in an EHR implementation in hopes of scoring American Recovery and Reinvestment Act incentive payments, but don't forget about the coming transition to ICD-10 coding. "To put it

GE video explains healthcare inefficiency and 'meaningful use' of health IT

If you believe GE Healthcare, nearly 70 percent of activities performed in the average primary-care practice are non-billable. Insurers deny 30 percent of primary care claims on the first submission,

WellPoint data may have been compromised

While it's not clear what happened, it looks as though clinical and personal data on 130,000-odd WellPoint beneficiaries may have been accessed through the web. WellPoint has announced that during