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Latest Headlines

Highmark unveils bundled-payment model for cancer care

Following in the footsteps of other major insurers, Highmark will debut a bundled-payment initiative aimed at paying for value in cancer care, according to the  Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Docs say oncologists--not payers--should determine cancer care pathways

Though the concept of designing cancer care "pathways" has potential, oncologists have reason to be concerned about the possibility of health insurers determining these pathways on their own, according to an opinion piece published in  JAMA Oncology.  

Oncologists under pressure to solicit patients for donations

Even as oncologists begin to decry the high cost of cancer care, they are under pressure by their hospitals to identify wealthier patients and solicit them for donations, according to the  New York Times.

Anthem sees promise in oncology payment reform initiative

Amid rising concern about sky-high costs and a sometimes-adversarial relationship between insurers and oncologists, Anthem is seeking to change the status quo with its Cancer Care Quality Program.  

Early results from Anthem cancer care quality program shows promising future

Anthem released promising preliminary  results at the American Society of Clinical Oncology meeting from its cancer care quality program that aims to lower costs and transform how oncologists are paid.

Temper cancer care innovations with cost considerations

There may be new breakthroughs announced in cancer care every few months, but the healthcare sector needs to keep in mind something else: Whether the treatments are cost-effective.

Exchange plans cover more leading cancer centers than expected

Insurers have included prominent cancer centers in their health insurance exchange plans more often than initially estimated, according to a new survey from Avalere Health.

UnitedHealth to bundle payment for MD Anderson Cancer Care

UnitedHealth announced Monday that it will pay MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston a flat fee to provide head and neck cancer care. The new bundled payment program is part of UnitedHealth's effort to increase its value-based reimbursements, which it said has already tripled since 2011.

Aetna helps members address emotional impacts of cancer

Aetna has launched a new pilot program that aims to help its members address the emotional impacts of cancer in addition to all the physical issues. The program, called Aetna CarePal, connects members who have recently been diagnosed with breast cancer to members who have already survived the disease, the insurer said yesterday in an article on its website.

Highmark could be the industry's next trendsetter

Some of Highmark's trendsetting actions have put the Pittsburgh-based insurer in the national spotlight this year.