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Blue Cross And Blue Shield

Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

How BCBS is transforming its payment model

Blue Cross and Blue Shield companies understand that transforming the healthcare reimbursement system depends not just on cutting costs but, rather, reinventing how doctors and providers are paid.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield faces antitrust allegations

Blue Cross and Blue Shield insurance companies as well as the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association face antitrust lawsuits alleging that the 37 independently owned insurers act as an illegal cartel.

Blue Cross Blue Shield to change how retirees purchase health insurance

Blue Cross Blue Shield companies (BCBS) are changing how they offer health insurance to retirees. BCBS will launch an insurance exchange this summer to support employers' efforts to shift retirees from group health benefits to individual coverage that begins Jan 1., 2016.

Wellmark responsible for low enrollment numbers in two states

When it comes to Affordable Care Act enrollment success from this past year, Iowa and South Dakota sit on the very bottom of the list. In both states, only 11.1 percent of enrollees who qualified for subsidized coverage signed up, according to recent  data from the Kaiser Family Foundation.  

Have exchanges boosted insurer competition?

Health insurance exchanges have been in operation since October and 3 million consumers have signed up for plans, but have the new marketplaces actually increased competition and market share among participating insurers like the healthcare reform law intended?

Blue Cross $991M surplus draws criticism, fear of monopoly

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama is coming under fire for amassing a surplus of nearly $1 billion when it already controls 90 percent of the state's insurance market, reported The Birmingham News.

Consumer engagement: Helping members help themselves

As insurers continue to grapple with rising healthcare costs, they're faced with an increasingly unhealthy member population. So payers have started taking matters into their own hands to engage members into becoming stewards of their own health and wellnes.