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Missouri insurers must pay or deny claims within 45 days

Missouri has a new law that requires insurers to pay or deny clean claims submitted by hospitals, physicians and other providers within 45 days of receipt--or face a daily penalty to the provider of 1 percent of the outstanding claim, reports the Healthcare Finance News. The law also defines just what a clean claim is. Passage of the law follows a 2009 report from the Missouri Department of Insurance demonstrating that Missouri providers faced significant payment delays, with more than 26 percent of claims submitted Missouri hospitals past due by 90 days or more. However, urban hospitals have fared better than rural hospitals. Urban hospitals averaged 25.6 percent of claims more than 90 days past due vs. 37 percent for rural hospitals. Article

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Good for Missouri. I can't imagine the cluster known as the California Department of Managed Health Care (DMHC) ever putting together something that they would actually be able to hold health plans accountable for achieving. Instead, the California DMHC issues joint press releases with the health plans saying they've achieved some bogus positive result that nets out to nothing (other than the press release).

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