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Executive pay at BCBSNC topped $1M


Six top executives at Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina earned at least $1 million last year, with its CEO taking home the biggest payout.

In a filing with the Department of Insurance, BCBSNC disclosed that executive compensation for its top 10 execs increased by almost 11 percent last year, WRAL reported.

CEO Brad Wilson led with $2.96 million in compensation from the state's largest insurer, a rise of 19 percent from 2012. His total pay included a $2 million bonus in addition to his $897,427 salary, reported the Charlotte Business Journal.

Wilson said the insurer has found success--it earned $92.6 million in net income in 2013, a 60 percent jump from the previous year--because of its focus on technology. "In a challenging year for the healthcare industry, our company provided value for our customers by investing in technology and bringing new products and services to the market to meet our increasingly diverse customers' healthcare needs," he said Friday in a statement.

Five other BCBSNC executives earned more than $1 million in salary and bonus last year:

  • Executive Vice President Maureen O'Connor: $1.72 million
  • Chief Financial Officer Gerald Petkau: $1.67 million
  • Chief Sales and Marketing Officer John Roos: $1.29 million
  • Chief Operating Officer Alan Hughes: $1.28 million
  • Chief Medical Officer Don Bradley: $1.1 million.

To learn more:
- here's the BCBSNC statement
- read the WRAL article
- see the Charlotte Business Journal article

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