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Aetna creates new unit for health management, IT services

New division combines $1 billion worth of companies acquired by Aetna

Aetna has created a new business division dedicated to health and technology that brings together all of the health management and information technology companies it has acquired in recent years.

The new unit, Healthagen, will include companies like iTriage, ActiveHealth Management and Medicity--all of which will help Aetna improve quality of care, control healthcare costs and increase consumer engagement in healthcare, the company said. Aetna bought Healthagen, the maker of the popular mobile app iTriage, in 2011.

"Aetna is propelling meaningful change in healthcare," Joseph Zubretsky, Aetna senior executive vice president for national businesses, said in a statement. "We have invested more than $1 billion to acquire and build a comprehensive collection of health management and health IT solutions to empower consumers and enable clinical integration and population health management."

Through Healthagen, Aetna will be able to facilitate health information exchange among providers, including better coordination, tracking and monitoring of patient care; pursue new accountable care models; and offer mobile services to help members make informed decisions, manage out-of-pocket costs and access care.

Charles Saunders, who was named CEO of Healthagen, said the new unit is "an attempt to basically formalize" all of Aetna's health IT operations under one roof, enabling the company to integrate all of its products and capabilities into customizable packages to consumers, providers and even other health plans, he told InformationWeek Healthcare.

To learn more:
- read the Aetna statement
- read the InformationWeek Healthcare article

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