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Latest Headlines

Medical ID theft: Red flags and opportunities

As healthcare-related identity theft increases, insurers can educate providers on what telltale signs to look for to identify and prevent fraud, experts said during a question-and-answer session on a recent webinar co-hosted by the National Health Care Anti-Fraud Association (NHCAA) and  FierceHealthPayer.

Study: Fraud incentives and countermeasures

Against a backdrop of incentives for healthcare fraud, business researchers at Aberdeen Group explain how organizations use data integration, automation and analytics to battle the crime.

Enough talk: Govt should act to curb identity theft risk

"There is one solution to fighting Medicare fraud that most lawmakers can agree on," the National Journal reported last week. "Remove seniors' Social Security numbers from their...

Medicare ID fraud still a danger

The federal government continues putting social security numbers on Medicare identification cards and quarterly summaries mailed to beneficiaries, raising the odds of identity theft and fraudulent billing, Reuters reportred.

Aetna brochures include Social Security numbers

Aetna inadvertently included more than 18,000 students' Social Security numbers on health insurance brochures the insurer mailed out across the country.

Death record restrictions hamper research

Health researchers are pushing to open up access to the Social Security Death Master File, which is a treasure trove of health information, while the government is restricting death records for fears of identity theft, The New York Times reported.

Anthem pays $150K fine for data breach affecting 33K members

After violating California state law and breaching members' privacy, Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield has reached a settlement with the state attorney general, including a $150,000 fine and increased oversight of sensitive information.

Medicare IDs at risk for identity theft

Medicare's member identification card is an identity theft risk for the members who carry it because it prominently displays their Social Security numbers.

Internet worm compromises data of 176,000 at health system, university

A Internet worm potentially exposed the personal information of 176,567 individuals, including that of VCU Health System and Virginia Commonwealth University employees and students, according to

$1M worth of equipment, patient info missing from VA hospital

The lack of recording inventory may be to blame for missing medical equipment worth more than a $1 million that contained patient information at a Florida VA hospital. Among the list of expensive