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Latest Headlines

Salomon Melgen, plus payment data, put ophthalmologists in the hot seat

Two multi-million dollar cases against two ophthalmologists, including the headline-grabbing Salomon Melgen, have thrown the specialty into the regulatory hot seat. Add Melgen's high-profile case to payment data that lists Medicare payments to ophthalmologists that reach eight figures and an OIG report that identified $171 million in questionable claims, and you've got a recipe for additional federal scrutiny, plus potentially more fraud cases involving ophthalmologists.

Newly formed Super PAC defends Florida cardiologist facing federal fraud charges

One of the highest paid physicians in the country will get some financial support from a newly formed political action committee aimed at defending the Florida cardiologist from allegations that he billed for unnecessary services and provided kickbacks to patients.   

Reviewing the year in healthcare fraud

There's no question that fraud prevention and detection has taken on a larger role over last several years as the federal government has put increasingly more resources towards recovering money from false claims and fraudulent billing activity. But 2014 may have been the most significant thus far.

Medicare doc data release a mixed blessing

The government's release of Medicare provider payment data is a giant step forward. Taxpayers and consumer advocates have the right to know how public funds are spent. When I think of the...