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How a healthcare CEO committed fraud and walked away a richer man

James Slattery, CEO of Millennium Laboratories, who was once awarded a regional entrepreneur of the year award from Ernst & Young, prided himself on his fast-growing company's culture. But behind the scenes, court documents show that company attorneys warned employees not to be "weasels," and company executives pushed an agenda that ultimately led to a $256 million fraud settlement with the federal government. Through a series of financial tricks, however, Slattery stands to walk away with his pockets lined. 

Fraudsters caught in multi-million dollar home health schemes

Home health is still a prime target for business owners who want to bilk the government out of millions, as evidenced by several convictions and sentencings announced last week.  

Consultant pleads guilty in $63M mental health scam

A consultant that served as a Medicare biller for the now-defunct Greater Miami Behavioral Healthcare Center, Inc. pleaded guilty to her involvement in a $63 million fraud scheme.  

Lyft partnership takes aim at ambulance fraud

A popular ridesharing app that has emerged as a 21st Century alternative to taxis is getting into the medical transportation business, and it could help stem the tide of ambulance fraud.

Amid a handful of overprescribing convictions, one doctor has a 30-year fraud history

A psychiatrist indicted for illegally selling prescriptions for nearly 10,900 pain pills has a history of illegal prescribing practices and Medicare fraud dating back 30 years, according to  lohud.com.

Florida Attorney General backed Millennium Laboratories during fraud investigation

In March 2014, Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi wrote a letter to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services urging the agency to continue reimbursing high-priced drug tests, even as one laboratory was being investigated for fraud tied to unnecessary testing, according to the  Palm Beach Post.  

New preauthorization rule targets DME fraud, improper payments

Responding to "longstanding concerns" about improper payments tied to durable medical equipment (DME), the federal government issued a finale rule Tuesday aimed at reducing fraud, waste and abuse within an industry known for questionable billing practices.  

Ohio cardiologist sentenced to 20 years for fraud blames Obamacare

An Ohio cardiologist sentenced last week to 20 years in prison for convincing patients to undergo unnecessary tests and procedures says the government used the Affordable Care Act to target him, according to  The Guardian.

South Carolina ambulance providers criticize preauthorization program

Patients and ambulance operators in South Carolina are echoing concerns made in other states that a prior authorization program aimed at preventing fraud is doing more harm than good.

Youthful exuberance adds a unique twist to fraud schemes

Daniel Suarez, 24, will spend the rest of his twenties and early thirties in prison for stealing $21 million from Medicare Part D as part of pharmaceutical fraud scheme that began when he had barely turned 18. Suarez spent his money on luxury cars, while attempting to launder the stolen funds through FedEx trucks. His youthful exuberance conjures up comparisons the Martin Shkreli, now facing securities fraud charges after drawing in his own brand of attention.