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Latest Headlines

Lyft partnership takes aim at ambulance fraud

A popular ridesharing app that has emerged as a 21st Century alternative to taxis is getting into the medical transportation business, and it could help stem the tide of ambulance fraud.

In Wisconsin, non-emergency transportation falls woefully short

An audit of a Wisconsin transportation company that received $56 million from the state for non-emergency transportation to bring Medicaid beneficieries to appointments reveals the company often arrived late or not at all.

Coast-to-coast settlements hone in on ambulance transport fraud

Prosecutors are targeting ambulance fraud schemes on both sides of the country, as evidenced by multi-million dollar settlements anounced in Florida and Southern California. 

Feds charge patients for complicity in ambulance fraud

Federal authorities in Philadelphia brought charges Thursday against four Medicare beneficiaries accused of accepting kickbacks for taking unnecessary ambulance trips and convincing others to do likewise, the  Philadelphia Business Journal  reported.