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Breaking News: How goes the shift to consumerism and retail health insurance?

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We're in the midst of a seismic shift to more e-commerce, exchanges and consumerism. But what are consumers actually doing? Where is this transition advancing and where is it stalling? In this webinar we'll take a 360 degree view into the shifting role of the consumer:

  • How are they responding to new ways to shop for and enroll in insurance?
  • How are they handling their new (and greater) financial responsibilities?
  • Is consumer engagement in managing wellness improving or lagging?

Join a panel of industry experts to learn what is true and what a myth in the changing role of the healthcare consumer.



Jonathan Rickert—CEO, Array Health

Long before healthcare reform, Jonathan realized the "one-size-fits-all" approach to employer-sponsored benefits wasn't working well for employers or employees. He set out to change it and co-founded Array Health in 2006, which has been singularly focused on bringing an e-commerce experience to healthcare. Jonathan has led the company from its inception to becoming a leading provider of private exchange technology. Prior to Array Health he held consulting and sales roles at Booz Allen Hamilton and Arch + Beam Global. He earned an MBA from the F.W. Olin School of Business at Babson College.


Stephen D. Neeleman—MD, Founder and Vice-Chair, HealthEquity

Steve founded HealthEquity in 2002, with the vision to repair the fractured relationship between patients and their physicians and to help more people obtain quality health insurance by re-introducing consumerism to health care. Steve is the co-author of The Complete HSA Guidebook—How to Make Health Savings Accounts Work for You, now in its 5th Edition. In addition to his duties as Founder and Vice Chairman of HealthEquity, Steve is currently a practicing general and trauma surgeon for Intermountain Healthcare at American Fork Hospital and Utah Valley Regional Medical Center. He is a graduate of Utah State University and completed his medical training at the University of Arizona.


Mary Beth Chalk—Principal, Chalk & Associates

Mary Beth has 25 years of healthcare experience including: digital and connected health, prevention and wellness, disease management, health systems, physician practices, mental/behavioral health, and pharmaceuticals. As principal of Chalk & Associates she advises companies on growth strategies and tactics. Previously she was President and CEO of the digital health company, Healthrageous, which was purchased by Humana in 2013. She has also worked at Pfizer Health Solutions and was COO of a behavioral health company.

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