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Latest Headlines

Unnecessary ultrasounds on the rise for low-risk pregnancies

In 2014, pregnant women underwent fetal-ultrasound procedures an average of 5.2 times per delivery, a 92 percent increase over the previous decade, according to  The Wall Street Journal.  

The uncomfortable spotlight of overtesting

There's no doubt that overtesting and unnecessary procedures contribute to billions in unnecessary spending. However, our country's payment system, coupled with a pervasive healthcare philosophy that opts for more tests rather than fewer, creates an environment in which overtesting has been built into the collective psyche of both patients and providers. 

As retirees move to warmer regions, concerns emerge over unnecessary tests and procedures

Winter destinations like Florida and Arizona that attract retirees from other parts of hte country have higher medical costs due to potentially unnecessary medical testing and exams, according to an investigation by the  New York Times.

10 overused tests waste healthcare dollars

The fight against healthcare fraud, waste and abuse could be aided by targeting 10 of the most common medical tests that waste billions of healthcare dollars a year and can be harmful to patients, according to AARP Bulletin.

Harvard Pilgrim pays members to use cheaper treatments

Massachusetts-based Harvard Pilgrim has started paying patients $10 to $75 each time they get medical tests at a lower cost provider. Under Harvard Pilgrim's SaveOn program, when members get

Docs admit malpractice fears result in too much care

Doctors admit to being part of the healthcare problem, fessing up that they provide too much medical care in a nationwide survey published in the Archives of Internal Medicine. They said malpractice