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Latest Headlines

Going digital makes insurers more consumer-centric

When companies embrace social media, mobile devices, cloud computing and other digital offerings, they take an "outside-in" approach, focusing on what their customers consciously want instead of what they can offer to their customers, reported Insurance & Technology.

Insurers focus on helping new members use policies

Now that roughly 7 million people have coverage through the Affordable Care Act, insurers are shifting their focus from trying to boost health insurance exchange enrollment to helping new members understand how to use their policies.

Humana CIO: 4 keys to deliver next-gen customer experience

Humana Chief Service & Information Officer Brian LeClaire explains four factors insurers need to deliver the next-gen customer experience.

Independence Blue Cross educates last-minute exchange shoppers

Americans have a few more days to purchase their own coverage, but many still don't understand fundamental health insurance concepts. So Philadelphia-based Independence Blue Cross has been focusing on educating consumers--about the Affordable Care Act, as well as what health insurance is and how to best use it, according to Brian Lobley, IBC's senior vice president of Marketing & Consumer Business.

Half of uninsured plan to go without coverage past deadline

As the March 31 deadline to enroll in health insurance approaches, half of people uninsured intend to remain uninsured, according to a poll released Wednesday by the Kaiser Family Foundation.

Consumers struggle with confusing health plan names

Many consumers and consumer advocates say the names of insurance plans are unhelpful, and at times confusing and misleading, reports the New York Times.

State exchange looks to Twitter to enroll young adults

Washington state's Health Benefit Exchange is using events, social media and advertising to increase enrollment before the March 31 deadline, the Puget Sound Business Journal reported.

Affordable Care Act still receives mixed reviews

The Affordable Care Act turns four years old this weekend, and despite glitches, House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi defended the healthcare overhaul as a winner,  The Hill's Healthwatch  reported.

Meeting the demands of online healthcare consumers

Today's healthcare consumers expect personalized communications, consistent, multichannel interactions and efficient tools from their insurance companies

3 tipping points in customer service interactions

If insurers want to improve their customer service interactions--a key aspect of the new business-to-consumer insurance market--they should focus on mobile offerings, first contacts with customers, and problem resolution.