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Latest Headlines

Wyoming preparing to expand Medicaid

Lawmakers in Wyoming will meet next week to hash out a compromise between two plans to expand Medicaid.

Push is on to expand Medicaid in Kansas, Wyoming

A push is on among both hospital executives and lawmakers to expand Medicaid eligib ility  in two mostly rural and extremely conservative states.

Medicaid expansion update: Two states step forward, two step in place

Several states are making news with their plans to expand Medicaid under the Affordabe Care Act. Here's a roundup of the goings on in Wyoming, Pennsylvania, Alaska and Montana.

State roundup: Exchange, Medicaid expansion updates

There's been a lot of action throughout the states ahead of the next open enrollment period for health insurance exchanges. Meanwhile, some state officials are still considering whether to expand their Medicaid programs. Here's a roundup of the recent news across states.

Wyoming hospital embarks on bold initiative to cut costs

Despite being the least populous state by a wide margin, one of Wyoming's largest hospitals faces the same financial realities as acute care providers, prompting it to undertake bold initiatives in order to cut costs.

Could Indian reservations seek Medicaid expansion on their own?

Native American reservations are considered sovereign nations, which may give them an opportunity to expand Medicaid coverage despite the stance of the state where they are located, reported  WyoFile.

Hospitals fight price transparency legislation

Hospitals in Wyoming are resisting a piece of potential legislation that would move them closer to price transparency, reported the Wyoming Tribune Eagle. The bill was discussed earlier this month by...

State offers free EHRs to Medicaid docs

Wyoming's Department of Health is the first in the nation to offer free, fully certified EHR systems to its state Medicaid providers.