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Latest Headlines

3 ways insurers can torpedo a weight-loss counseling service

Although Medicare began paying for weight loss counseling three years ago and about 30 percent of Medicare members were eligible for the services, less than 1 percent of members have actually used the benefit. Here are  three ways a weight loss counseling program can fail. 

Study: Weight-loss app as part of dieting plan unsuccessful

A physician's recommendation to incorporate a weight-loss app into a dieting regimen doesn't get far with patients striving to lose pounds, reveals a new study published in the  Annals of Internal Medicine.

Innovation is key to wellness program success

Thinking outside of the box has helped two wellness programs achieve success, including lowering claims costs and helping participants lose weight.

'Traditional' practice gets more diverse

Facing more competition from retail and urgent care centers than ever, doctors increasingly offer more diverse services not typically found in the traditional private practice, from cosmetic procedures to urgent care, according to an article from the  News-Star.

Bariatric surgery insurance a weighty issue

A recent Associated Press article highlighted the situation of an obese woman who is unable to pay $15,000 for bariatric surgery not covered by her insurer. That woman is not alone. Although the...

Slideshow: 10 celebrities who have influenced healthcare

Angelina Jolie, Tom Hanks and Daryl Hanna are all examples of celebrities who have used their positions of influence to educate the public about various health issues.

Study: Texting effective intervention tool for weight control

Daily text messaging may be a useful self-monitoring tool for weight control, particularly among racial/ethnic minority populations most in need of intervention, according to Duke University study...

Group incentives achieve greater employee wellness success

As hospitals look to implement employee wellness programs, they should take heed that employees lose weight more successfully under company wellness plans that incentivize group rather than individual weight loss.

Weight loss in 140 characters? It's possible

A new study by researchers at the University of South Carolina has shown that using Twitter can result in weight loss, mainly because Twitter users can provide information and support to one another through tweets and status updates.

'Personalized' online weight loss? It's still about the food

A study on Web-based weight-loss programs found that personalization and support from medical or nutritional experts had little effect on the amount of weight participants lost. However, those features tended to engage users with the site longer and those who used the study's weight tracker tool shed more pounds, according to the research, published this week in the  Journal of Medical Internet Research.