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Latest Headlines

For payers, exchange success hinges on state promotion

Insurers' ability to sell policies to millions of new members through health insurance exchanges could hinge upon a factor outside of their control--states' recruitment of enough consumers to shop on and buy policies from the online marketplaces.

City officials take over Medicaid plan amid financial 'irregularities'

Washington, D.C.-based Chartered Health Plan has been taken over by city officials amid concerns of financial irregularities regarding the Medicaid managed care company.

An exchange by any other name is still an exchange

Juliet famously remarked to her beloved Romeo, "a rose by any other name would smell as sweet." The same is true about health insurance exchanges, albeit not nearly as alluring a topic as Romeo and Juliet's ill-fated romance.

Bill would force insurers to cover abortions

First-of-its-kind legislation is making its way through the Washington state legislature that would require all insurers cover abortions. The bill, H.B. 2330 , requires insurers that provide maternity

Here's yet another reason to be skeptical about PHRs

Regular readers know about my skepticism toward personal health records. You're probably also aware that I have been critical of media coverage touting Google Health and Microsoft HealthVault as the

34 providers in Pacific Northwest receive EMR grants

A public-private partnership in the Pacific Northwest has chosen 34 mostly small and rural healthcare providers to receive up to $20,000 each to help purchase EMRs and other health IT. Many of the

Major Seattle hospitals have EMRs, lack interoperability

Seattle is a high-tech city with several world-renowned healthcare institutions. Swedish Medical Center, Virginia Mason Medical Center and the University of Washington Medical Center are among those

EMR projects finally getting noticed

EMR adoption may be far below where policymakers would like it to be, but at least the bully pulpit seems to be working. A couple of years ago, if you mentioned electronic medical records to a