Uninsured Consumers

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Latest Headlines

ACA plans don't address the underinsurance problem

The Affordable Care Act was intended to reduce the number of uninsured consumers, but it hasn't required payers to address the underinsured consumers who have coverage but still must pay substantial out-of-pocket costs, according to a New York Times Upshot column.

Company aims to help uninsured without actually insuring them

Health insurers have lots of competition vying for the same consumers, especially in the health insurance exchanges, but one non-traditional company could be looking to compete against traditional insurers in a whole new way.

3 obstacles insurers must overcome this exchange enrollment

As the next enrollment period for the health insurance exchanges opens in a few days, insurers are up against several obstacles as they attempt to sign up consumers, reported The Hill's Healthwatch.

Uninsured consumers need help with literacy skills

Signing up for health insurance this upcoming enrollment period will be a huge challenge for many uninsured Americans because of low levels of health literacy and numeracy skills, according to a new report from the Urban Institute, which was funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

7M are eligible for health insurance early through exchanges

Insurers should start their outreach and marketing early as there are almost 7 million people who are eligible to enroll in a plan sold on the health insurance exchanges before the next open enrollment period begins on Nov. 15, says a new  report  from Enroll America.  

Lack of insurance ups risk of emergency surgery

People without insurance are more likely to need emergency surgery on their aorta and are more likely to die or have complications after the surgery, concludes a study from Duke University Medical Center.

Will reform bring better health to newly insured?

We now know the uninsured rate has reached a record low thanks to the Affordable Care Act, but it remains unclear whether the millions of newly insured people will actually become healthier and, therefore, reduce overall costs, reported The Health Care Blog.

Untapped source to reach uninsured: Tax preparers

Tax preparers may be a key source of assistance for the millions of uninsured consumers--including young adults--who remain uneducated about how the Affordable Care Act can help them obtain health coverage.

Survey: Uninsured don't expect care to improve

Fewer than one-third of uninsured consumers, the group that stands to benefit most from the Affordable Care Act. think their healthcare will improve this year, according to a new survey performed by the Urban Institute for the Robert Wood Johnson Institute.

Feds focus exchange outreach on largely uninsured areas

Millions of uninsured consumers have yet to sign up for a health insurance exchange, so the Obama administration is honing its enrollment campaign on certain areas where the uninsured population is prevalent.