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Latest Headlines

2011 CMS memo helped Medicare Advantage stocks soar

Insurers that offer Medicare Advantage plans reaped big rewards in February 2011 after the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services released a memo saying it was rethinking a move to ratchet up audits.

Aetna eyes Humana's value-based care potential

The health insurance industry's latest overhaul to shift away from paying for volume to paying for value may be behind  Aetna's rumored deal to acquire either Cigna or Humana. 

Health insurance stocks hit all-time highs

Stocks in health insurance companies hit all-time highs this week amid news that the firms added millions of customers thanks to the Affordable Care Act.

Healthcare stocks slip amid earnings, reform rollout

After stock price gains earlier this month, health insurers saw shares dip, partly due to disappointing earnings reports, Barron's reported.

Healthcare stocks rise after fiscal cliff averted

Healthcare company stocks enjoyed mild gains in the wake of the recent fiscal cliff settlement, reported the Associated Press.

Hospital stocks enjoy post-election bump

After President Obama's ultimate victory on Nov. 6,hospital  stocks enjoyed a significant bounce, Nashville Public Radio reported.

Healthcare stocks tied to Presidential outcome

The performance of hospital stocks seems to be closely tied to President Barack Obama's chances at reelection.

Insurance stocks dive with reform ruling

Health insurance companies' stocks initially dove after the Supreme Court ruled the reform law constitutional and then rebounded shortly thereafter.