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Latest Headlines

Blue Shield to rebate $50M to customers

Blue Shield of California is once again following through on its promise to limit annual profits and rebate its customers with excess funds.

HHS requires insurers cite reform law in rebate letter

In a new final rule issued Friday, the Department of Health & Human Services is requiring that insurers inform their members that the rebate checks are a result of the Obama administration's health reform law.

Insurers to rebate $1B to consumers under medical-loss ratio

Insurers are going to be rebating more than $1 billion to consumers as a result of the health reform law's medical-loss ratio (MLR) provision, which requires the companies to pay rebates if they...

Insurers avert $2B medical-loss ratio provision

Insurers should thank their lucky stars that the reform law's medical-loss ratio (MLR) provision wasn't implemented in 2010. If it was in effect, they would have rebated almost $2 billion to

Rebates, benefits vary in Medicare Advantage plans across country

Insurers managing Medicare Advantage plans provide varying degrees of rebates and additional benefits to their members based on geographical location, according to a report from healthcare consulting

Insurers to rebate consumers $323M this year

Insurers must start disclosing information regarding insurance coverage they provide to their consumers and, if they spend less than 80 percent of premium dollars on healthcare, they must rebate

MLR final rule: Insurers must disclose healthcare spending

Even if insurers meet the medical-loss ratio (MLR) threshold, they will still have to explain to consumers how their premium dollars are spent under the final MLR rule released Dec. 2 by the

Experts share regulatory strategies for justifying rate increases

Health plans better get used to justifying their rate increases now that the Obama administration wants to review premium increases of 10 percent or more, Lynn Shapiro Snyder, senior member of