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Latest Headlines

Blues plan issues 7% rate hike for thousands of members

Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Mexico is raising its premium rates for about 31,000 members with individual health plans. New Mexico Insurance Commissioner John Franchini on Tuesday approved a 6.9 percent rate increase that took effect last Friday.

Insurers to notify members of rate hike requests

In an unusually concessionary move between insurance companies and the officials who regulate them, insurers in Connecticut have agreed to notify members with individual and small group policies when

Court: Insurers' profits irrelevant in rate hike approvals

In a case with potential national implications, Maine's highest court unanimously ruled that state regulators were justified to deny Anthem Health Plans of Maine's proposed rate hike for individual

Wellmark's 9.35% rate hike approved

Wellmark Blue Cross Blue Shield can move forward with its 9.35 percent increase in individual health insurance premiums for roughly 86,000 Iowans. Iowa Insurance Commissioner Susan Voss approved the

Anthem 'excessive' rate hike lawsuit heads to state Supreme Court

Insurance companies should keep a close eye on a case involving Anthem Health Plans of Maine, which sued the state because it says regulators violated state law and the U.S. Constitution when they

Blues plan denied 9.9% rate hike, more explanation needed

In a rare move among insurance commissioners, New Mexico Insurance Superintendent John Franchini outright denied Blue Cross Blue Shield's request for a 9.9 percent rate increase. Franchini said he

HHS hopes to pressure insurers into lowering rate hikes

Health insurers seeking to raise premium rates by 10 percent or more will face increased scrutiny under a final rule released by the Department of Health and Human Services. The rule attempts to

Regence wants 22 percent rate hike

Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield wants to raise premiums by 22 percent for 59,000 individual customers, but it first must appear at a rare public hearing addressing the rate request. In its rate filing

Premera BlueCross stonewalls rate transaparency bill

Premera BlueCross is being accused of "stonewalling" a Washington state bill that would allow the public to scrutinize an insurer's rate request package, including actuarial formulas and reasons

Blue Shield of California defies request to delay rate hike

A confrontation is brewing in California between the state's insurance commissioner and Blue Shield of California over proposed premium rate increases. Despite Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones'