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Latest Headlines

How a wellness center can slash your hospital's expenses

In-hospital wellness centers were once the purview of only the most cutting-edge health systems, but they're becoming more common as care value becomes increasingly important to the healthcare business, according to Healthcare Finance News.

Aetna Foundation execs: Data can help tackle healthcare disparities

Geography is a clear determinant of health disparities for patients, as chronic conditions such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes hit underserved communities especially hard, Aetna Foundation leaders Garth Graham, MaryLynn Ostrowski and Alyse Sabina write in a  Health Affairs  blog post.

3 best practices for green hospitals

Environmental sustainability is increasingly important in healthcare, and should be a key consideration in preventive and population health strategies. Kaiser Permanente has developed several best practices for greener healthcare and outlined them at a recent conference, according to GreenBiz.com.

Four ways data helps Minnesota's health department cut costs

Using data from readmissions, emergency department use and hospital admissions, the Minnesota Department of Public Health is finding room for improvement when it comes to cutting costs.

Population health, end-of-life lessons from Pioneer ACO Atrius Health

In this exclusive interview, Atrius Health VP Emily Brower discusses two key lessons the Pioneer accountable care organization has learned since its involvement in the Medicare shared savings initiative: Why its vital to embrace population health management and the importance of end-of-life care discussions with patients. 

Ask pain patients about alternative therapies

Most chronic pain sufferers have tried alternative therapies such as acupuncture or chiropractic care, but more than a third didn't tell their medical doctors about it, according to a survey of more than 6,000 patients treated for chronic pain at Kaiser Permanente Northwest.

Major health insurers capitalize on population health

Amid consolidation throughout the health insurance industry, major payers continue to focus efforts on the increasingly popular trend of population health, which quickly became a multi-billion dollar effort.

Humana expands community-focused health initiative

By bringing together a variety of healthcare stakeholders--including providers local leaders--Humana's latest health venture, Bold Moves, aims to improve the health of certain communities 20 percent by 2020.

As retail clinics expand, CVS targets population health

Long an established player within the retail market, CVS is now one of the biggest healthcare companies in the nation, according to the  New York Times. 

5 health IT terms every hospital CEO must know

As the healthcare industry becomes increasingly technology-focused, leaders without a background in tech may find it overwhelming. That's why it's essential they understand several key terms and concepts, according to Managed Healthcare Executive.