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Other states may hold answer to New Jersey's Omnia dilemma

As the controversy continues over Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey's Omnia health plans, some say it's worth looking at other states to decide how to regulate tiered networks.

Horizon's Omnia sparks debate about health plan transparency

In a hearing Monday on the topic of transparency in tiered health insurance plans--such as Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield's Omnia--New Jersey legislators to tackled the daunting task of determining how much insurers should have to disclose when creating new products, according to the  American Journal of Managed Care.

N.J. acting attorney general says Horizon's Omnia plans not illegal

New Jersey's acting attorney general said Friday that Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield's Omnia tiered-network plans do not break any state laws, according to  NJ.com.

New Jersey's Omnia network continues to take heat on tiering process

Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey's tiered provider network, Omnia, has come under heavy criticism over accusations of shutting out major Garden State hospitals. A column in the Newark...

Horizon's Omnia network drawing more fire

Omina, the two-tiered hospital provider network recently launched by Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey, is coming under increasing fire for creating a system that many perceive as shutting out some of the state's leading hospitals.

New Jersey providers mystified over Blues selection for new network

A big New Jersey insurer has created a tiered network from scratch that has excluded many of the state's biggest hospitals, leading executives to engage in behavior ranging from head-scratching to claims of religious discrimination.