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Latest Headlines

UnitedHealth makes its mobile app available to Medicaid members

UnitedHealth has expanded its mobile app, Health4Me, to members enrolled in its Medicaid plans. That means more than 4.4 million UnitedHealth members in 17 states will be able to locate healthcare providers, track processed claims and access their insurance cards, the insurer announced.

HCSC's mobile app bets on meditation to improve wellness

Health Care Services Corporation (HCSC)--the nation's largest mutual health insurer--has experienced early success with its mobile wellness app, Centered.

Wellness program success: Help consumers, don't penalize them [Special Report]

Wellness programs that penalize participants do little to promote a health lifestyle. Now that the programs are no longer a 'nice to have,' payers and employers need to strengthen their initiatives to make sure they focus on people's health. In this special report,  FierceHealthPayer  spoke with executives at Harvard Pilgrim Health Care and Humana to discuss how their wellness programs are transforming both the industry and their members' lives.

How Mount Sinai uses mHealth to pave the way for more robust patient care

The exploding number of healthcare apps ready for download on smartphones and tablets is impressive and shows no sign of letting up. But the real story of their potential impact is far more than a case of raw numbers. Longer term, mobile apps will have a profound effect on the management of chronic diseases and population health. The key is more meaningful and timely communication between doctor and patient. Two examples at Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York illustrate how apps are being used now to expand the scope and quality of care for existing patients

UnitedHealthcare, Walgreens mobile affinity program banks on keeping members healthy

Earlier this month, UnitedHealthcare and Walgreens announced a partnership that rewards members with points for partaking in healthy initiatives.  FierceHealthPayer spoke with UnitedHealth's Vice President and Innovation Champion Kirk Pion to discuss how the insurer used existing programs and data to understand what its members want. 

UnitedHealth wants to pay consumers for healthy behavior

UnitedHealth is currently developing a new app that would pay users for maintaining healthy behavior, including eating well, relaxing, exercising and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Aetna to offer personalized health program to employer groups

Aetna will now provide some of its largest employer groups with a personalized health program that uses genetic testing and behavioral science to help members address metabolic syndrome.

Stage is set for payers to transform industry in 2015

Good news, payers: You are well positioned to save a somewhat struggling health insurance industry.  While, at times, payers have been deemed rather unpopular, this sets them up to be unlikely heroes,  according to the  Harvard Business Review.

Payers take steps forward with mobile apps in 2014

In a busy year for the healthcare industry, payers tried to move beyond the t echnical glitches and court rulings associated with the Affordable Care Act and focus instead on the ACA's aim to make healthcare more accessible and personal.  To play into this idea of the consumerization of healthcare,  payers have been busy exploring mobile applications that keep members healthy and temper rising healthcare costs.

Cigna launches gamified digital health coaching

Cigna has launched a new digital health coaching program that offers a "digital ecosystem" of mobile tools, social media engagement, gamification and web-based incentives to help its members meet their health goals.