Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

State lawmakers continue to push for telemedicine reimbursement

A pair of Florida representatives are among several in the Sunshine State calling for an increase in the use of--and payment for--telemedicine.

Legislator calls for use of telehealth tools to expand

State Representative Klint Kesto (R) of Michigan's 39 th  district has made a public call for greater use of telehealth tools.

Hospitals should buy uninsured coverage through exchanges

That the bulk of the Affordable Care Act will be enacted with millions of poor Americans shut out of an expanded Medicaid program is starting to toll on the consciences of some of the people who helped make that possible.  

Nurses sue after father demands white-only care for his newborn

A Michigan hospital is facing two federal lawsuits from nurses claiming the hospital banned African-American nurses from caring for a newborn infant at the demand of the baby's father, the Associated Press reported.

Blues Cross mutualization passes state legislature

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan is one step closer to becoming a nonprofit mutual insurance company as two bills allowing the shift headed to the governor's desk Thursday.

Healthcare drives state economy with 554K jobs

The birthplace of the automotive industry and the epicenter of American manufacturing for decades has a new economic driver: healthcare. A report by the Michigan Health & Hospital Association

Michigan hospitals adopting no-smoker hiring policies

Michigan appears to be the latest state where several hospitals and health systems have just adopted policies in which they will only hire non-smokers and non-tobacco users--citing their need to live

Despite heavy increases, only 12 percent of prescriptions are electronic

Electronic prescribing continues to grow at an impressive rate, but still only accounted for 12 percent of the 1.63 billion prescriptions written nationwide in 2009, according to the latest

HHS awards final Beacon Community grants

HHS officials today awarded $30 million in grants to organizations in the Detroit and Cincinnati areas by naming the final two pilot communities in the $250 million Beacon Community Program. HHS

States grapple with severe Medicaid cuts

Despite the potential for states to receive increased federal support for their Medicaid programs in 2014, in the short term, at least two states--Michigan and Tennessee--expect things to get worse