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Latest Headlines

Aetna, other payers on hot seat for allegedly discriminating against HIV patients

The advocacy group Consumer Watchdog filed a  lawsuit Friday against Aetna in federal court in San Diego, claiming the insurer discriminated against patients with HIV.  

Find-A-Doctor sites return insufficient, inappropriate results

The majority of leading U.S. hospitals and health systems do not give patients the option to search medical conditions online, according to a new report.

Will insurers ever cover medical marijuana?

Can you imagine a time when you go to the doctor and he or she asks, "Would you like some weed to help ease your symptoms?" Obviously, that scenario isn't occurring now, but it's possible that it will be a common conversation happening in doctors' offices in the near future--especially if insurers start covering medical marijuana.

Patients more aware of their condition keep readmissions, costs down

Patients who were more self-aware of their medical conditions and highly motivated to care for themselves were far less likely to be readmitted after a hospital stay than patients with low self-awareness, according to a new study published in the Journal of General Internal Medicine.

Hospice provider hit with Medicare fraud suit

A whistleblower lawsuit unveiled last week and joined by the U.S. government accuses a Texas-based hospice provider of cycling patients as much as possible in order to maximize Medicare payments,

Better-informed patients cut readmissions, costs

Patients that are better informed about their medical conditions are more likely to avoid hospitalizations, according to a new Hebrew Rehabilitation Center/Harvard University study. Patients that had

Environmentally-induced conditions are driving up healthcare costs

Childhood health degraded by poor environmental conditions is costing the healthcare system tens of billions of dollars a year, according to a new study published in the May edition of the journal

Evidence-based treatments have improved care quality, Joint Commission says

Hospitals are striving for--and hitting--many outcome improvements, the Joint Commission reports. National improvement on 12 outcomes, reflecting best evidence-based treatments for heart attacks,

Family members of critically ill patients at risk because of economy

Healthcare costs are rising, and the economy has gone sour. Experts say the unique pressures of the current situation put critically ill patients who are on employer-provided health plans at risk,