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Latest Headlines

NH Senate reaches deal on Medicaid expansion

Until now, New Hampshire was one of two dozen states and one of the few in the Northeast, that has yet to decide whether to expand Medicaid coverage under the Affordable Care Act. But lawmakers in the Granite State appear closer to an agreement.

Young adult enrollment hits roadblocks

Former foster children and college students aren't enrolling in coverage made possible through the Affordable Care Act. News reports suggest unfamiliarity with one of the law's provisions and affordability concerns are to blame.

Exchange fix could fuel Medicaid costs, fraud

The Obama administration, which quietly fixed a problem with Medicaid sign ups on HealthCare.gov on Black Friday, may have inadvertently placed states and insurers at risk for higher Medicaid costs and fraud, Politico reported.

SC expects big Medicaid growth, even without Medicaid expansion

Despite not expanding its Medicaid program eligibility under the Affordable Care Act, South Carolina still expects to see its rolls grow an estimated 16 percent by 2015--triple the annual average and a higher jump than even among states expanding coverage,  Kaiser Health News  reported.

PA hospitals bear $1B uncompensated care burden

Unless the Keystone State moves to expand Medicaid coverage under the Affordable Care Act, Pennsylvania's hospitals should expect to carry a 10-figure annual burden regarding uncompensated care, reported the  Philadelphia Inquirer.

Early exchange enrollment tilting toward Medicaid

Many of the early enrollees through the state-operated health insurance exchanges are applying for Medicaid coverage,  Kaiser Health News  reported.

Medicaid covers nearly half of U.S. births

Half of the births in the United States-- a large revenue generator for hospitals--are paid for by the Medicaid program,  Kaiser Health News  reported.

Well-known insurers could lose competitive edge in exchanges

The big-name players in the private insurance industry shouldn't let their guards down as they enter the homestretch before the health insurance exchanges begin open enrollment in October. Sure,...

Medicaid reform costs worry hospitals

Although some states are mulling opting out of the Medicaid expansion accompanying the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, hospitals in states that have every intention of participating have their own financial worries.

Hospital stays get restricted Medicaid coverage

Hospitals must find more ways to cope with Medicaid cuts, as several states are severely restricting hospital stays, report Kaiser Health News and USA Today. At the end of this month, Medicaid will