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Latest Headlines

Innovation is key to wellness program success

Thinking outside of the box has helped two wellness programs achieve success, including lowering claims costs and helping participants lose weight.

Expert: Wellness programs key to combat lifestyle-related conditions

A few years ago, employee wellness was a nice-to-have program. But now, more than 50 percent of healthcare dollars are associated with lifestyle conditions, making it a must-have for today's employers.

Wellness programs: More than a 'nice to have'

Employee wellness programs are a must-have for today's employers. FierceHealthPayer spoke to Joe Woods, CEO of HumanaVitality about what makes his organization's wellness program a success.

Wellness programs improve health, cut costs

Humana's wellness program improved employee health as well as lowered healthcare costs, according to a two-year study of more than 13,000 employees, the Louisville, Ky.-based insurer announced yesterday.

Social gaming could help improve member wellness

As insurers have focused on improving their members' overall health and wellness, they've gradually been incorporating an innovative approach to achieve that goal--social gaming. Insurers...

Humana to offer wellness incentives program

Humana is teaming with the South African company Discovery Holdings to offer a wellness program aimed at reducing its medical claims and lowering out-of-pocket health costs for its medical members,