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Latest Headlines

Consumer-driven health plans on the rise

Enrollment in consumer-driven health plans continues to grow, while HMO and PPO enrollment is one the decline. Consulting firm Mercer offers three factors that are contributing to the shift.

Skyrocketing HMO imaging rates add to cancer fears

The use of diagnostic imaging has more than doubled since 1996, as has the mean per-capita radiation dose, raising concerns about patients' lifetime cancer risk, according to a study published this week in the  Journal of the American Medical Association. The study, out of the University of California, San Francisco, however, finds a similar pattern in HMOs, where doctors receive little or no financial incentive.

Medica teams up with provider in HMO-style health plan

Medica, the second largest insurer in Minnesota, is teaming up with a local provider to offer a new health insurance plan that might be reminiscent of the HMO model in the 1990s. Beginning April 1,

PPO growth means rise in self-pay debt

New research suggests that state and local governments are increasingly shifting from HMO model health plans to PPO models, with plans that require employees to pay more of the tab. Analysts with the

SPOTLIGHT: California may ban ED balance billing

For years, California officials have worked to resolve balance billing disputes--particularly those resulting from emergency department treatment--under which aggrieved doctors bill patients for