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Latest Headlines

Healthcare leaders dig into reform's business opportunities

Healthcare reform presents a big opportunity for insurers to boost membership--as long as they can increase efficiency and embrace trends such as retail healthcare, leaders at this year's JP Morgan Healthcare Conference said.

Healthcare consumers think higher cost means better quality

Amid calls for better price transparency, U.S. healthcare consumers still equate cost with quality, according to a study in Health Affairs. The study found that when asked to choose a provider based

Hospitals boost ad spending to help patients choose care

Thirty acute care hospitals in Connecticut spent almost $30 million on advertising in fiscal year 2010, up 18 percent from the year before, according to data from the state's Office of Health Care

GAO: HHS must enhance price transparency

The Government Accounability Office (GAO) has called on the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) to greatly improve price transparency for healthcare consumers, according to a new

Teach consumers about prices, see reduced healthcare costs

When a doctor diagnosed me with a knee condition 10 years ago and recommended surgery, I went home and searched online to find information about the problem, its symptoms, and steps I could take to

Five domains set for Stage 2 quality reporting

We know that the Stage 2 requirements for "meaningful use" of EMRs will include more--and more specific types of--reporting on quality measures. Right now, though, HHS is going through the regulatory

HIE, mobility, open platforms start to knock down 'walled gardens' of proprietary EMRs

On the cover of its September issue, Wired magazine declared the web "dead" but also proclaimed, "Long live the Internet." Instead of searching through a browser, people are increasingly turning to

With EHR security, there's nothing to fear but fear itself

FierceEMR recently reported on a North Carolina State University study that says it isn't necessarily the unwillingness of stakeholders or cost issues that's impeding the proliferation of EHRs, it's

PHR data exchange must become 'seamless and invisible'

While vendor after vendor and publicist after publicist keep contacting a certain FierceEMR editor about how their personal health records are going to revolutionize healthcare by empowering

Privacy concerns hold back wider EHR adoption

This could be considered progress: Researchers at North Carolina State University say that it's not cost or stubbornness that is holding back wider EHR uptake, but rather concerns about privacy from