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Latest Headlines

Early days of ACA easier than feared

Despite physicians' concerns that their offices would become overwhelmed with questions and confusion about the official rollout of the Affordable Care Act this week, the volume of newly insured patients seeking appointments has so far been modest, Reuters reported.

2013 in review: Quality, costs still matter

Last year, accountable care organizations easily won the distinction of most popular FierceHealthPayer topic in 2012. Only two stories about health insurance exchanges made an appearance on that most-read list. What a difference a year makes. In 2013, all eyes were squarely on healthcare reform and health insurance exchanges.

2014 challenge: Coping with the reality of change

Unlike past years when physicians' concerns focused mostly on scenarios that might occur in an evolving U.S. health system, 2014 will call for doctors to address the new realities of practicing...

Medicaid expansion, patient influx to worsen doctor shortage

The increase in Medicaid patients under the Affordable Care Act will exacerbate the looming doctor shortage, with many current practitioners unable to take on any more patients covered by the program, according to the  New York Times.

Boost patient engagement with a written physician-patient pledge

In the era of health reform, your practice is more directly affected by patients' behavior than ever before. This means that even if you prescribe all the right treatment and give top-notch advice, you may still face penalties if your patients don't follow through with the steps they need to take (i.e., complying with your instructions) to make good outcomes possible

Healthcare reform resources that help docs answer tough patient questions

Some of our most popular  FiercePracticeManagement  stories relate to how physicians can talk to their patients about healthcare reform. And according to an article from  Kaiser Health News, this is definitely information doctors need to know. Here are resources physicians can use to discuss the Affordable Care Act with their patients. 

ACA uncertainties worry docs

Even now that health insurance exchanges mandated by the Affordable Care Act are now open for business, office-based physicians, particularly in primary care, aren't sure how the full rollout of the law will affect their practices.

How to talk to patients about the Affordable Care Act

Now that open enrollment for health exchanges brought by the Affordable Care Act is finally here, confusion among patients still runs high. And their most likely place to field questions is none other than their doctor's office, according to Abraham C. Whaley, co-founder and vice president of consultancy Manage My Practice.

States grapple with primary care shortage, spar over solutions

The United States' burgeoning primary care crisis amid the rollout of health reform is akin to "handing out bus tickets when the bus is already full," Perry Pugno, vice president for medical education at the American Academy of Family Physicians, recently told Bloomberg News.

Long wait times lead to multiple patient complaints

Medical offices across the country still have a ways to go in improving patient wait time and customer service issues surrounding delays, according to a new poll from Angie's List,  WFMY News 2  reported.