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Health Insurance Premiums

Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

2.2M who qualify for health insurance subsidies don't access them

Though health insurance subsidies were at the heart of the latest Supreme Court challenge to the Affordable Care Act, a new poll finds that many Americans aren't accessing the cost-sharing reductions for which they qualify.

Sensational reports of health insurance premium hikes misleading, incomplete

Guest post from Joel White, president of the Council for Affordable Health Coverage At the end of July, CEO Kevin Counihan sent a letter to insurance commissioners, urging them to...

Indiana's Medicaid program paves way for other states

Indiana's experimental Medicaid program, Healthy Indiana Plan, may pique the interests of Republican governors nationwide who remain on the fence about expanding the program.

Early plan renewal helped firms delay premium increases, ACA compliance

The Affordable Care Act is often credited with contributing to the recent slowdown in healthcare cost increases by helping millions of Americans obtain health insurance. A recent survey found that delaying the impact of the ACA might also be part of the reason why.

Insurance exchange customers pick higher-premium plans

Premiums are up but deductibles are down in the early weeks of open enrollment for consumers using the federal exchange to shop for unsubsidized plans,  according to survey data released by eHealth Inc.

Health insurance premiums up 73 percent in last 10 years

Premiums for employee-based family health insurance plans increased 73 percent from 2003 to 2013, and employer contributions to those plans jumped 93 percent, according to new  research from the Commonwealth Fund.

With more plans available, prices rising, HHS urging exchange customers to shop around

With health insurance premiums on the rise, government officials are stressing the importance for consumers to shop around to ensure they get the best deal.

With wellness programs, companies search for the keys to worker motivation

Noting the trend toward tying employees' health insurance premiums to their willingness to participate in a wellness program, a  Columbus CEO  article points to keys to creating successful programs.

HIX premiums to remain steady for 2015, study finds

Health insurance premiums for health plans participating in the Affordable Care Act exchanges over its first year have remained fairly steady, according to a Kaiser analysis of 2015 premium changes.

3 reasons insurance premiums won't 'skyrocket' next year

Despite what some media reports have to say, health insurance premiums won't "skyrocket" next year, according to an article by  ConsumerReports.