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Latest Headlines

Employers to raise wellness incentives by 50%

Employers expect health insurance costs to rise 7 percent next year so they are looking to beef up their cost-control measures, including boosting wellness programs and enhancing employees' cost-sharing measures.

Lawsuit challenging contraception coverage dismissed

A federal judge on Tuesday dismissed a lawsuit that sought to block the health reform law's contraception provision requiring employers and insurers to provide free birth control. Nebraska filed the lawsuit on behalf of six other states--Texas, Ohio, Florida, South Carolina, Oklahoma and Michigan--and three Catholic institutions.

Survey: Employers won't drop health coverage

Despite all the doom-and-gloom warnings that employers would drop health insurance coverage in response to the health reform law, a new survey shows that most employers still offer health plans. The

Employers interested in joining hospitals in ACOs

Accountable care organizations (ACOs) could prove a popular option with employer groups looking to keep their workers insured while controlling costs, concludes a new study by consulting firms Aon

CDC debunks myths about the uninsured

A new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has debunked two long-held assumptions used by opponents of expanded health insurance coverage under the healthcare reform. First, the

HHS awards $71 million to help states expand health coverage

HHS has awarded $70.9 million in grants to 13 states in an effort to help those states expand healthcare coverage for their uninsured citizens. The grants are paid for by the new State Health Access

Reform deal could create $16B gain, not losses, for U.S. hospitals

Remember not long ago when the nation's hospital associations made their big, oh-so-noble announcement about the cuts they were willing to endure to support the cause of health reform? The White